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Buy Online Essay mentions its privacy policy as follows. It discusses the particulars of how we make use of the information taken from our students. The privacy policy is likely to be changed from time to time; however, the latest and updated version of the policy will be put on the display of our website for the viewership of our online visitors.

Request For information: Students will be required to present personal information (such as name, phone number, address and email address) in order to make use of our services available on our website.

Information Privacy: Buy Online Essay is a registered business, and we stand for all the clauses of the Data Protection Act. Hence, all of the personal information is kept safe and secure in our database which is heavily guarded with encryptions. We never disclose your information to any entity or third party.

Website Visitor Information: All information regarding the IP address and locality of our website visitors is utilised to provide them with customised and tailor-made services.

Use Of Customer Information: All of our visitor’s information is used only for communication purposes only. We provide you with promotional offers and discount packages during on-going season promotions and you can opt out of these whenever you feel like.

Information Protection: If you are interested in knowing about all of your personal and private records, and history kept on our website, then simply inform our Legal Department through an email and make a request. After verification of your identity through stringent investigation (secret questions), you will be informed of your specifications.

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