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Avoid Plagiarism in Essay Writing
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Tips To Avoid Plagiarism in Essay Writing

Essay writing is regarded as an essential skill that serves as a competitive advantage during university life. However, students who lack the ability and aptitude tend to plagiarise content just to submit it before the deadline. This is highly unethical and can lead students into trouble. Students often avail cheap essay writing service UK from the various academic forums present online. In addition to that, they also follow the various tricks mentioned below that guide them on how to avoid plagiarism in essay writing.


  1. Cite accurately: Several students make the error of citing their resources inaccurately. This occurs as a result of poor understanding of the ability because they don’t invest time in properly acquiring knowledge regarding the skill. In-text citations can be tricky as you have to provide intricate detailing appropriately and as per the standard. Moreover, for different subjects, the citation is handled differently. For example, business and literature students are instructed to follow the MLA or Chicago style referencing, whereas the medical and law students are encouraged to adopt the APA style referencing. In addition to that, there is an academic degree program that maintains diverse demands other than that of the standard.
  2. Proofread the document: In order to avoid plagiarism, you have to proofread the document in-depth and with keen attention. It is observed that while conducting research, resources feed words into our mouth, and unconsciously we utilise the same words in the content. This is known as unconscious or unintentional plagiarism. Therefore, when you begin to proofread and edit the document, you can take care of this factor as well.
  3. Quote correctly: It is recommended that you give references for the work committed by other individuals and bring a direct or indirect relation with your own origination. However, this can be quite tricky to evaluate, which is why you are constantly advised to quote the verbatim of the work produced by others. This way you can give credit to other people for the work they have committed.
  4. Try paraphrasing: Sometimes you are assigned a difficult subject which can be extremely hard. As a result, directly copy-pasting the first content you can find on the internet becomes common. This can lead you into a lot of trouble. Therefore, as an alternative measure for this unfortunate situation, students are recommended to paraphrase the information available to them. This way you wouldn’t be directly quoting someone else’s work, depriving them of their credit, and deliver work to the respected figure as well.
  5. Use plagiarism checking applications: Due to the advancement in technology, several plagiarism checking applications have been invented. As a consequence of this revolutionary invention, students all over the world are much relaxed. Now, whenever they produce a content last minute and if it is comprised mostly of paraphrases or unauthentic resources, they can check signs of plagiarism. The best thing about these applications is that they are easy to understand, quick to function, and incredibly cheap.
  6. Produce a reference page: Finally, the reference page is the most critical part of a law essay as students have to mention and provide a direct link to the page where they attained their information from. Hence, in the reference list, they have to mention the resource and the author’s name.

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