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How To Write A Good First Line Of An Essay

The first line of an essay should instantly grasp the reader’s attention. The connection between the reader and the writer should be formed at the very beginning of the essay. Hence, it is crucial to create a line which is engaging, fascinating and intriguing at the same time.

An essay which starts on a good note leaves the reader on a positive note. Hence, students who write entrancing opening statements are more likely to earn a top grade. The following guide provides you with various options which can be used to create an interesting essay:

·         Use facts: One of the most common measures of initiating academic essays is the inclusion of factual data. Students are required to carry out in-depth research and find the most appealing statistics which can influence the reader. It is further recommended for students to phrase the sentence in a way that it promotes curiosity. This statement can lead the individual to further invest their time in reading the essay.

·         Include a quote: Another version of the essay’s beginning statement could comprise a quote from a reputable source. The student can review the sayings of a professional who has contributed in the field and include the appropriate quote within the paper. It is further required for students to verify the source and make sure that the quote is accurate and reliable.

·         Write with humour: In the case of an informal essay, students can take the risk of adopting a humorous approach. The individual can create a witty statement to start the paper, which can generate the reader’s interest in the subject matter. Additionally, you can have a trusted fellow read the statement, to ensure the accuracy of its effect.

·         Introduce yourself: Most opinion based essays make it mandatory for students to introduce the topic with their opinion. In such cases, the individual can start the essay with a statement similar to the following: “I would like to start this essay by sharing the ensuing….”

·         Use an anecdote: Some semi-formal essays can also start with a personal narrative. This essentially stirs the reader’s interest and allows them to reflect on the statements, further discussed in the essay.

·         Propose a rhetorical question:  Students can further instate the essay with a rhetorical question. This statement can push the reader to ponder on the subject matter and formulate an opinion. Hence, since the start of your discussion, the reader will have a genuine interest in your argument, thus resulting in a successful essay.

·         Consult a Law essay help UK service: You can further learn about one-liners by reading sample essays on formal and informal essay topics. To gain exposure to these essays, you can review the work offered by professional writers at any essay writing service.

The first statement of the essay demonstrates your wit. However, in addition to flawlessly cultivating the first line, you are required to match the tone of perfection throughout the paper. The academic essay should exude certitude and formality regardless of its type.

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