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How to write a creative discursive essay?

What does a discursive essay even mean? How is it different from other essays? How should it be written? Questions like these might be lurking in your mind when you are assigned with your first discursive essay.

It is not as hard as it sounds to be! With the correct format and appropriate words of ingredients, you can write a good discursive essay like any other wordsmith! This article contains everything you need to know about a discursive essay.

What is a discursive essay?

A discursive essay is a piece of writing that primarily focuses on an argument, which can be either in favour or against the given topic. It contains a statement that fuels active discussion. Discursive essays are highly opinionated about a topic devoted to one perspective and the reasons why it may or may not be legitimate.

These essays can also be written in a neutral format, where the writer does not have to choose sides and rather express unbiased opinions with equal information on both sides.

Many students confuse it with persuasive or argumentative essays, which in reality, are two poles apart! The foremost thing that you need to focus on is that discursive essay is based on the power of opinions instead of facts or evidence. In simple terms, the thoughts in your mind are the only equipment required to drive readers into reading your topic and arguments.

What are the types of Discursive Essays?

Discursive essays allow you to explore every aspect and perspective of the given discussion, provided that you are more critical and assertive! There are three types of discursive essays:

  1. Opinionated discursive essays

This piece of writing includes all the opinions and thoughts that a writer holds for a particular discussion and should be supported by legitimate arguments. Let us say if you are writing a supporting piece for the given topic, make sure to state all the opposing arguments and explain why you perceive that these arguments are unconvincing and may not be valid as the cause of discussion.

  1. In favour or against essays

In this essay piece, the arguments are focused on one side, which is either in favour or against the given topic. The writer has to announce their stance in the introduction, providing a strong rationale about their preference and the reason for choosing a particular stance.

  1. A solution-ridden suggesting essay

This type of discursive essay involves the problem statement and the possible solutions to tackle the issue. In conclusion, the writer should state one solution that they think is best for solving the problem, including the reason why they think that is so.


What is the format of writing a discursive essay?

Now that we understand the terminology let us dive into the format! Like any other essays, discursive essays too, have a format and a structure on which the arguments should be laid to establish a coherent paper. Starting with an introduction and ending with a conclusion, discursive essays follow the same outline like any other general essay.

  1. Introduction:

An introduction is the foundation of your essay, so you must make it as interesting as possible. Give your readers an element of curiosity- something that would interest them and keep them hooked. You can add any rhetorical question or thought-provoking statements that may further spark a discussion.

It should include a rationale about why you chose a certain topic with strong arguments. If you are writing a one-sided piece, make sure to explicitly mention in the introduction which side you are in-either in favour or against it. Avoid making any stereotypical and generalised statements in the introduction.

  1. Main Body

The next step of every formal essay is the main body, where most of your arguments are presented and explained. Following are the essential things which you need to keep in mind before diving further into it.

  • Do not be prejudiced while making arguments; instead, assess all the information supported by a legitimate source and evidence. Refrain from adding any emotions and feelings in the main body, leave them for the conclusion.
  • Avoid being redundant by making the same arguments in the paragraphs. Allocate each paragraph for different arguments and divide the word count accordingly. Do not forget to give the proper closure of each of the argument. In this way, your essay would be distinctive and more coherent.
  • Take an alternative paragraph approach! Confused? Well, it means that if you first write a paragraph favouring the topic discussion; make sure that the next paragraph carries an opposing argument. Consequently, the third paragraph must be the amalgamation of both favourable and non-favourable arguments. In this way, the combination of opposing and supporting paragraphs show how thoroughly you researched about the topic, which makes it apparent, and leave a lasting impact on the reader’s mind.
  1. Conclusion

After jotting down all the opinions and thoughts in the main body, comes an ending part- the conclusion! Here you have plenty of room to express your opinions and emotions related to the arguments mentioned in the main body. Legitimate references and evidence or the findings of the main body must support all your opinions. According to the type of your discursive essay, you have to announce your stance in the conclusion clearly and provide a solid rationale for opting for that particular stance. Moreover, the content you write in conclusion should resonate with the arguments in the main body.

This section will not carry any new knowledge but the summarised version of the above text. With that being said, it does not mean that you can copy-paste or paraphrase the above content in conclusion. However, you must write concise information with new words supported by your opinions.

If you still have trouble writing a discursive essay, just for your knowledge, there are several essay writing services out there that provide any kind of essay help you require for the assignment. If you need professional assistance in writing one, do not forget to check them out!

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