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Best way to learn how to write a persuasive essay

We are living in the era of social media where everyone appears to be “keyboard warrior”, making statements on the comment section and trying so hard to support it with evidence (or sometimes cuss words) unless the other commenter accepts their loss! Well, persuasiveness is great unless done correctly! A strongly worded tweet is not similar to establishing a firm, cohesive, and compelling argument.

In academic writing, persuasive essays use reasons and strong evidence to demonstrate that a particular idea is more reasonable than the others. It is also known as a position paper, where the writer takes a certain position- either for or against the topic- and compels the audience to agree with your perspectives and opinions by illustrating convincing evidence and transparent explanation that effectively supports your position.

Writing a persuasive essay is like reasoning with a judge or jury! You put forward your best arguments and compelling evidence to support your stance and to convince the jury into announcing the decision in your favor! You must be wondering how does a persuasive essay differs from an argumentative essay? How is it supposed to be formatted? Well, to answer all your questions, this article has everything you need to know about persuasive essays!

A persuasive essay usually emphasises concerns over contemporary issues like “The college administration is discussing whether or not the strict dress code policies are justified. Write an essay convincing the administration to adopt your stance.” As mentioned in this example, the main goal of a persuasive essay is to “convince” or “persuade” the board or students for a specific action rather than to inform. Before writing such essays, the writer must have profound research skills, unbiased opinions, and considerate knowledge of both sides.

The best persuasive essay carries arguments of both the sides but also the writer’s stance, including the rationale about why the opposing part is invalid.

How to write a persuasive essay?

“All good writing is persuasive writing; persuading the reader to buy what you’re selling, to side with you, to believe the tales you tell”- Ramsey Isler.

For writing a good persuasive essay, you need to keep in mind the following things!

  1. State your stance

A persuasive essay requires you to state your position in the introductory paragraph. Begin with a clear and firmly worded thesis statement in your paragraphs, and proceed to use it as a referring phrase throughout the essay while establishing your arguments.

The readers should be certain about your position from the beginning of the essay and should be well aware of what you are contemplating to argue. The absence of the writer’s position in an essay will not only lose the reader’s interest but will also fail to persuade effectively. If your readers have to guess about your stance, then you have already lost the game! So, avoid any sort of ambiguity, uncertainty, and don’t include any surprise endings.

  1. Understand your audience!

Your essay should carry a specific tone or notion, especially referring to a certain type of audience. Determine your target audience and the best approaches that can be used in order to persuade them. For example, if you are writing an essay referring to college administration, then you have to use a specific tone with solid evidence to compel them to take action.

Every audience has a particular perception about something; you just need to identify their perception and hit them with strong reasoning as an attempt to change it. Keep in mind that adding irrelevant and excessive information (which your audience might probably know) would result in loss of interest and they will no longer be willing to read your essay further.

  1. Persuade with great enthusiasm

This notion applies to every college project. We tend to enjoy doing projects where our interests lie! Similarly, it also applies to make arguments. If you have the liberty to choose your topic, then go for the one that you are passionate about! Whether it is a political debate or any social concern, put your best foot forward and construct good arguments that would support your stance. However, while writing, make sure to avoid biases and emotions, getting in the way of a convincing argument. Do not allow your anger to take charge of your arguments.

“To be persuasive, we must be believable; to be believable, we must be credible; to be more credible, we must be truthful!”- Edward R. Murrow

Holdfast to the rope of truthfulness and everything will be in your favour! As the quote describes that truth and credibility are the main aspects of persuading someone, so make sure that all your arguments are based on credible sources rather than fake or made-up scenarios.

  1. Structure your essay

For an effective persuasive essay, your arguments should have an appropriate structure. Create a model or an outline to get your work done in an organised manner. Initiate with an introductory paragraph, state a strong thesis statement, and then use it as a reference point throughout the essay. The main body includes all evidence-based arguments, counter-arguments, and reasoning resonating with your stance.

Divide each of your arguments in separate paragraphs and write a supporting paragraph followed by the opposing paragraph. In this way, your essay would be distinctive and will look well-researched. Conclude your essay with your opinions and concisely summarise the above text.

  1. Do extensive research

The main aspect of persuasion is the knowledge we use, and the focal element of any strong argument is the solid evidence!

“The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be!”-David Ogilvy

To write an effective persuasive essay, you must do extensive research! The concept of faking your way through a persuasive argument only applies to social media where the opposing person is not as learned as your professor. In academic writing, you need to be truthful and credible about the information you use in the essay.

Therefore, research is the only way to compel your audience into believing your stance. You need to provide convincing evidence and multiple resources to prove your position and research is the only way to do so.

If you are still having trouble writing a persuasive essay, then we would recommend you contact an essay writing service that can provide professional assistance in essay writing. There is no harm in consulting one! Good luck!

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